Webinar: First void urine & HPV genotyping - Two essential tools to monitor the impact of HPV vaccination programs

Nov 3, 2020

Webinar organized with Novosanis 

The enormous potential of a first void – or initial stream – urine sample becomes evident when we understand its composition. In fact, in the case of women a first void urine sample could also be called “A genital sample collected by urination”.

In this webinar Prof Alex Vorsters presented his understanding in this field leading to the development of the Colli-Pee® urine collection device. Data were presented, confirming that improved collection of a first void urine sample as well as its immediate preservation have a major impact on HPV DNA detection. Further to that, the results from a large HPV vaccination follow-up study were discussed. For monitoring HPV vaccination trials, the use of a sensitive and full individual genotyping assay such as the INNO-LiPA® HPV Genotyping Extra II, provides important information on the impact of the vaccination program.

Topics covered:

  • Data confirming that improved collection of a first void urine sample as well as its immediate preservation have a major impact on HPV DNA detection

  • Results from large HPV vaccination follow-up study

  • Important information on the impact of the vaccination program, provided by the use of a sensitive and full individual genotyping assay such as the INNO-LiPA HPV genotyping Extra II.

A panel with Prof Alex Vorsters, accompanied by David Faster of Novosanis and Rebecca Millecamps of Fujirebio answered questions from participants.

View the complete webinar below:



About the speakers

Prof Alex Vorsters Ir, MSc, PhD

Senior project coordinator/researcher @University of Antwerp

After his studies as Bioengineer at Free University of Brussels, 1989, he followed a postgraduate course on Tropical Veterinary Medicine at Tropical Medicine Institute of Antwerp (ITG). Since 2001 he works as senior project coordinator and researcher at the University of Antwerp within the Centre for the Evaluation of Vaccination. He is involved in several vaccine preventable disease projects including the Viral Hepatitis Prevention board. Since 2015 he also coordinates the activities of the Human Papilloma Virus Prevention and Control board. In 2016 he obtained his Phd Medical Sciences on detection of HPV DNA in urine and monitoring the impact of HPV vaccination. In 2020 he is nominated associated Professor and coordinates a research team that further investigates the use of first void urine as a liquid biomarker for follow-up of vaccination programs, cervical screening programs and genital tract infections in women.

Rebecca Millecamps

Marketing Manager @Fujirebio Europe

Rebecca obtained a master degree in Industrial Engineering - Biochemistry and Biotechnology at the University of Applied Science in Ghent in 1996. She mastered her molecular techniques as a scientific collaborator at the laboratory of pharmaceutical Biotechnology performing human identification using DNA profiling techniques, mainly for the department of Justice in Belgium. In 1998 she started her career at Innogenetics as a product specialist and post market surveillance coordinator. Since 2017 she is marketing manager at Fujirebio, which acquired Innogenetics in 2010. In this role, she supports Fujirebio’s automated CLEIA products, the INNO-strip-based immunoassays and molecular diagnostics with main expertise in Infectious Diseases.

David Faster

Senior Product Manager @Novosanis

David Faster graduated in 2004 as a Bio-Engineer, after studying at the Catholic University of Leuven. Shortly after, he started his professional career in the pharmaceutical industry, first in a Quality/Operations role at Schering-Plough (currently Merck, Sharpe & Dohme) and then later on as a validation engineer for Johnson & Johnson in the Janssen Beerse site. In 2014, he traded the pharmaceutical industry for Biocartis, a molecular diagnostics company. He started out for the first two years supporting new product introductions, after which he led the customer service department for 3 years. After one year working as a CRM consultant, David returned to the life science industry earlier this year, joining Novosanis as their senior product manager. He is supporting the further commercialization and expansion of the Colli-Pee product family.