Scientific poster - Analytical performance overview of the Lumipulse® G pTau 181 Plasma RUO assay

Sep 20, 2022

Poster presented at the AAIC 2022

On March 1, 2022, we announced the availability of the Lumipulse G pTau 181 Plasma assay <RUO>, allowing fully automated quantitative measurement of Tau phosphorylated at threonine 181 in human plasma. Having this biomarker available on the LUMIPULSE® G platform enables researchers and clinical research professionals to further study the clinical utility of this marker on the Lumipulse platform that has the required throughput and meets the regulatory requirements to support a possible future routine use. 

Here we report on the analytical performance of the newly developed Lumipulse G pTau 181 Plasma assay <RUO>, determined on the first commercial lot. The aim of the study, presented at the AAIC 2022, was to determine the performance of several analytical parameters, including amongst others precision, sensitivity, linearity, and potential impact of interfering substances. This verification of the analytical performance of the Lumipulse G pTau 181 Plasma <RUO> assay indicates promising results in terms of low variability, good linearity, and high sensitivity.

Authors of the poster: 
Manu Vandijck, Jelle D’hont, Filip Dekeyser, Nathalie Le Bastard, Ina Vandenbroucke.

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